What we do

Ener-connect provides a platform for nuclear knowledge sharing through a number of educational events scheduled throughout the year. These events—webinars, podcasts and live events—are designed to share knowledge, and introduce experts, scholars, students and engineers to their global peers. By establishing this community of practice, research collaboration is encouraged and facilitated.


Ener-connect webinar events are participatory in nature and can be watched online from anywhere in the world. All ener-connect webinar events require registration, and speakers are strongly encouraged to communicate with participants after the webinar concludes. A number of events are pre-scheduled for the entire year, with additional webinars being added based on current affairs and research results from our community. In addition, we provide links for webinars from our partner organizations that may be of interest to you. Ener-connect webinars are presented in a lecture format with participants having the opportunity to post questions to the speaker during the presentation. These questions are then addressed in a question and answer session at the end of the lecture. The typical time of each webinar is 60 minutes, and is divided into a 30 minute presentation followed by a 30 minute question and answer session. Registered participants will be notified of all events through our communication channels. We also encourage you to share our webinar events with your colleagues or interested parties. All webinars are archived on the ener-connect platform, and available for viewing at any time.


Ener-connect podcasts explore the “stories” within the nuclear field. Unlike webinars, podcasts are more informal in nature, focus on the guest’s “nuclear” hopes and dreams, and help listeners understand how nuclear is important to different members of the nuclear community. Each podcast will feature a host presenter conversing with a guest “legend” in the nuclear field. Podcasts will delve into the what makes nuclear technology special, discuss unexplored ideas in the nuclear field, and go deeper into nuclear’s potential to make the world a better place. Podcasts are pre-recorded and will be available for downloading for offline listening.

Live Events

With the financial support of ener-connect’s partners, some of the best webinar presentations, as well as deserving participants, will be afforded the opportunity to attend international conferences to present research papers and technical lectures. Live events or sponsorship opportunities will be communicated to all energy-connect members when they become available.